AusME 2017February 13 - 15, 2017 Peter Doherty Institute

A/Prof Pauline Mele

Assoc Professor Pauline Mele is a microbial ecologist with the Victoria Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources and LaTrobe University and has key interests in the microbial ecosystems associated with soils and soil-plant interfaces. Most recently her teams’ interests have also extended to marine sediment ecosystems. These ecosystems are generally characterised by a high level of disturbance associated with agricultural and horticultural land-uses. Knowledge of the underlying microbial mechanisms associated with these ecosystems will inform understanding of the nature and degree of impacts of food and fibre production and will assist in the development and implementation of more effective mitigation strategies. An ongoing challenge is the need to measure and promote the economic value of microbial ecosystems and Pauline works closely with economists and industry practitioners to establish benefit cost scenarios for industry.

Pauline was the national coordinator of the Grains Research & Development Corporation supported Soil Biology Initiative (20010-2015) and a significant contributor to the microbial biodiversity monitoring program sponsored by Bioplatforms Australia (Biome of Australian Soil Environments or BASE).  She is also a member of the Ecosystem Science Council of Australia and is involved in the development and promotion of activities that will inspire the next generation of ecosystem scientists.